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Webfusion UK offers cloud servers at very affordable prices. You get fast processing speed, free Plesk control panel; you can host multiple sites with unmetered bandwidth in a UK based self-owned data centre.

The Webfusion UK cloud server hosting plans are as follows: Starter from £17.99 monthly; offers 50GB disk space; 1GB guaranteed RAM; up-to 100 mbit burst bandwidth; v11 (10 sites) Plesk. Community from £32.99 per month, offering 100GB disk space; 2GB guaranteed RAM; up-to 100 mbit burst bandwidth; v11 (30 sites) Plesk. Business from £47.99 monthly, offering 150GB disk space; 3GB guaranteed RAM; up-to 100 mbit burst bandwidth; v11 (30 sites) Plesk. Developer from £62.99 monthly, offering 200GB disk space; 4GB guaranteed RAM; up-to 100 mbit burst bandwidth; v11 (30 sites) Plesk. Enterprise from £92.99 per month, offering 300GB disk space; 6GB guaranteed RAM; up-to 100 mbit burst bandwidth; v11 (100 sites) Plesk.

Webfusion claims to never overcrowd your cloud server and ensure maximum performance and stability, making a cloud server hosting very cost effective. Webfusion offers customised solutions to help customers adjust hosting to their unique needs. They offer 24/7 support through live chat and email, as well as a direct UK telephone line. Nevertheless, make sure you address them “8am - 8pm weekdays and 9am - 6pm on weekends. Outside of these times, you will reach staff who do not specialise in the VPS platform”. Mind, that Webfusion does the unmanaged VPS servers, so setting up and migrating technicalities will be up to you. Nevertheless, they have a large knowledge base you can study to perform the job by yourself. They do not deal with migrating sites and issues with file permissions, which is obviously outside of the scope of unmanaged server. Having said that, Webfusion's support is effective and helpful in terms of issues within their competence.

No-risk contracts offered by the company untie your hands when you need a hosting for a short time. There is no obligation to sign up for a yearly contract. The contracts are paid on a monthly basis, so should you decide to opt out of the service, you need to give 1 month notice of cancellation.

Webfusion owns a UK based data centre, offering security, monitoring and energy efficiency. With 15 years' experience in the web hosting niche, the company has a well established brand. When cloud hosting became popular, Webfusion was already servicing it to its clients all around the world. One thing you have to say to their sales team is that they don't try to sell you the most expensive product on the list. They are attentive and helping when it comes to determining which cloud server hosting plan fits your business or personal needs better. No matter how big or small your business is, or if you only have one small website with little traffic, you can expect to have their full attention and respect.

Personal account manager is available for managed hosting customers. You get faster feedback and advanced technical support. Cloud servers are fully scalable and redundant. This means two things: you can expand your business and upgrade whenever you need; and you can stay calm for the downtime, because cloud servers keep your data in the cloud, so whenever the hardware experiences a crash, your site remains up and running, thanks to the cloud infrastructure. Whenever your site experiences a large influx of traffic, you can upscale your bandwidth, and vice versa.

Webfusion has been launched in 1997 in Great Britain. It is a well established company with multiple industry awards and leading partners in other industries. The data centre comprises state-of-the-art Dell hardware, ensuring power and resilience of the network. Besides offering superior cloud hosting, Webfusion is the largest domain registrar in the UK, with over 3 million domain names. Webfusion operates in UK, Spain and belongs to Host Europe Group, the largest private hosting provider in Europe.

Having said that, Webfusion provides solid credentials for security and reliability. Their rates and offers are extremely lucrative, and their customer support is always helpful as long as you know what questions are enclosed in their competence. If you should require extensive support, we suggest you opt for a managed cloud hosting plan.

The company might have experienced some unflattering reviews in the past, mainly due to lack of customer care. Currently, Webfusion employs over 170 expert UK staff, and the issue has long ago been clarified and resolved. Content customer reviews are the best reputation marks for any company, and Webfusion boasts of many. The support is indeed 24/7, reliable and flexible.

The data centre is climate controlled, ensuring the eco-friendliness and security of your data. Expert technicians monitor servers 24/7 and cloud server infrastructure guarantees 99.9% uptime. Due to state-of-the-art technology, Webfusion guarantees full system's redundancy, which means even if hardware suffers a crash, your business stays online and working. That's exactly why cloud servers have become extremely popular with businesses.
Uptime Reliability 3.5
Server Speed 3.5
Customer Service 3
Value For Money 3
Features 4
Signup Procedure 4.5
Usability 4

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