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VPS.NET is a UK/USA/India/Ukraine based company offering savvy cloud hosting solutions for 4 years now. It has an extensive clientele in many areas of commerce, in more than 180 countries. The company offers flexible cloud hosting plans and features on-demand resources. Their cloud servers are of two types: shared and redundant. What set VPS.NET apart from many other companies offering VPS cloud servers is the payment options. They bill on a daily or monthly basis. Unlike traditional web hosting, where everything depends on a particular hosting in a particular location, cloud hosting consists of many servers, and storage servers (SANS) allow cloud servers regulate their load, increase or decrease whenever necessary.

VPS.NET allows high flexibility building your cloud server: 60 second deployments; semi managed hosting; Linux & Windows templates; 30 day money back guarantee; 99.9% uptime guarantee; guaranteed resources.

With VPS.NET you have limitless capabilities of opening a cloud server in more than 20 locations around the globe. The company offers more than 100 immediately available OS templates. Having all those advantages available at a hand's reach, you are almost unlimited in cloud servers customization choices. VPS.NET offers both Lunix and Windows cloud servers. These templates come with cPanel, Apache and MySQL pre-installed, which makes it rather convenient for webmasters.

Unlike traditional web servers, VPS.NET cloud servers infrastructure saves you from downtime or slowness. Cloud servers grow proportionally to your demands, without reboots. Whenever your traffic increases, you have the possibility to add the necessary resources to stay up and running. Very few providers offer the possibility of adding memory, disk space and CPU without reboot.

VPS.NET is constantly working on increasing customer loyalty by providing enhanced opportunities for all levels of customers. Auto healing technology is one such key factor that keeps customers with the company. It prevents data loss and keeps steady high levels of productivity. The fully redundant infrastructure detects an outage and moves your data, or cloud server, unharmed and uninterrupted, to a different location. Thus, your business stays online, uninterrupted.

VPS.NET makes it an easy choice depending on your unique needs. Choose a small plan
(1.5GB burst to 3GB), medium (3GB to 6GB burst) or large (6GB to 12GB burst) and the system automatically deploys and configures itself. Here is a brief outline of prices and features:

Small VPS.NET cloud server plan costs $ 112 per month; offers 3-6 GHz dedicated; CPU 1880-3760 MB dedicated; RAM 50-100 GB disk space; 5-10 TB Bandwidth.

MEDIUM VPS.NET cloud server plan costs $ 208 per month and offers 6-12 GHz dedicated; CPU 3760-7520 MB dedicated; RAM 100-200 GB disk space; 10-20 TB bandwidth. This plan works fine for an established website that occasionally has critical increase in traffic.

Large VPS.NET cloud server plan charges $ 416 monthly and offers 12-24 GHz dedicated; CPU 7520-15040 MB dedicated; RAM 200-400 GB disk space; 20-40 TB bandwidth. Perfect for large websites that have massive traffic daily.

VPS.NET offers its clients a choice of more than 20 locations, thus minimizing your visitors' latency. You can set up a geographically diverse network of servers. The control panel has a very convenient and intuitive interface, easy to use, customizable. You can set up, maintain and optimize your cloud server from the cPanel directly, without extensive technical skills. Once subscribed, you receive SSH and console access for emergency cases, for example, when you get locked with a firewall.

For technically savvy clients, VPS.NET offers a full API service. You can launch and manage cloud server with the help of RESTFul API. This ensures the automation of many functions, freeing lots of your time: launch, re-size, reboot, shutdown or delete a server, etc. API unties your hands for more important tasks.

Technical and customer support are available 24/7 for international clients. Whether it is planning, purchasing, launching and managing your cloud server, they offer a friendly and highly productive assistance. Moreover, technical wizards will migrate your sites from current providers to VPS.NET cloud servers. No need to worry and outsource the job.

At VPS.NET, they have a notion of elastic servers, i.e. servers fully flexible and customizable according to your needs. It makes the tuning process really easy and time saving. The auto-scaling technology allocates a lower and upper limit to each resource, and when necessary can move between them without downtime, or reboot. Should your site receive extra traffic, the cloud server scales up; whenever the traffic amounts go down, the servers scale down, too. Moreover, there is no extra-fee to expect. These limits are enclosed in the existing plans. Thus, you can easily plan your spending and hosting needs ahead. Should your needs gradually change, the system is quite flexible and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time, no commitment to current payment plan.
Uptime Reliability 5
Server Speed 5
Customer Service 5
Value For Money 5
Features 5
Signup Procedure 5
Usability 5

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