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Enterprises and businesses that resort to cloud hosting free their resources to a great extent, owing to limitless nature of cloud servers services. Imagine you release the funding that used to be required annually for upgrading your computers to more important tasks at hand, without any damage to the upgrade whatsoever. Whereas, there are free cloud server companies out there, we strongly recommend resorting to a highly reliable company that charges reasonable fees, but provides excellent quality and boasts of high percentage of customer satisfaction. Free VPS may result to be too open and pose a security vulnerability to your business, small or large. VPS companies charging monthly or yearly fees, with the option of upgrading-downgrading or cancellation at any required time, is the adequate and accurate choice for any business-allied website, or a number of websites. Your choice is also determined by how much you value your data. Companies offering free cloud servers do not follow catastrophe contingency plans. Whereas, high-reputation companies work transparently, and protect their clients' data according to the standards of information protection contingency plans. There are a number of reliable companies offering enhanced security, total system redundancy and ongoing high-quality customer care.

UK Web Hosting is one such company with 10 years of experience and a history of successful implementation of hi-tech developments in its work. That is the key strength of the company - always being ahead of time in upgrading to the state-of-the-art servers and know-how to improve the quality of services and client satisfaction.

UK Web Hosting offers a wide range of cloud servers, or VPS, to give you full control and complete reliability. You get your own server and the root access, which means you are independent and detached from other customers. Fully redundant infrastructure ensures high resilience 24/7.

Let us outnumber the distinctive features and hosting plans available at UK Web Hosting. Basic plan costs £24.99/month; offers 1 CPU; 1GB memory; 1TB bandwidth; 50GB disk space. Advanced plan charges £39.99/month; offers 2 CPU; 2GB memory; 2TB bandwidth; 50GB disk space. Ultimate Plan charges £59.99/month; offers 3 CPU; 6GB memory; 3TB bandwidth; 50GB disk space. The features are as follows:

cPanel & WHM Panel
FREE Private Nameservers
FREE Dedicated IP
24/7 Online Support
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

UK Web Hosting offers you complete freedom within your account: you can add or remove CPU, memory and disk space to your cloud server any time you need. There is no need to pay for something you don't need now, but may potentially need in six months. The storage system used by the company (SSD or solid state disks) guarantees the fastest performance of the cloud servers, second to none in the niche. Besides, the infrastructure is fully redundant, which also gives it another essential advantage when it comes to back up - the ability of self-healing. Should a server suffer a hardware failure, your data automatically migrate to another server, probably in a different part of the world.

UK Web Hosting obviously puts a lot of effort providing customer and technical support, because user reviews are very high in terms of customer care. They supply 24/7 technical support available to monitor servers' performance and react effectively to mend the crashes or clogs up. Even when it happens, they fix it up pretty quickly.

Another very important point is no-commitment, i.e. you don't need to have a minimum contract. Payment options allow freedom of choice you've seldom had before. You can choose to buy a monthly plan, or pay a yearly plan and get 12 months services for the price of 10. In which case you can file a money-back request during the first month. UK Web Hosting offers a 100% guarantee of money back to yearly subscribers, deducted the first month value only.

The setup process is easy and usually doesn't take longer than 2 hours. Technically, cloud servers are superior to traditional shared hosting. In a shared hosting plan, you share servers with multiple other users and depend on them. Each of the “shareholders” has equal access and share of the resources, which significantly affects performance. Especially, on holidays or weekends, when many websites are busy and the server gets overloaded, you can experience downtime. Whereas, VPS is a dedicated resource for your needs alone, you don't share it with anyone and you are completely independent from other customers. It provides better speed, reliability and performance. At UK Web Hosting cloud servers are semi-managed which provides the best price-value ratio. Their engineers install and configure the servers, and then monitor them on an ongoing basis, to prevent it from crashing, or reboot it should it crash.

You can also choose to have a cPanel control panel and monitor your servers by yourself. You don't need any special technical knowledge to be able to reboot the hardware. Besides, you can use your custom software to manage the servers. In terms of up-time, customer satisfaction, and correlation of quality-price, UK Web Hosting is an accurate choice for smart businessmen.
Uptime Reliability 5
Server Speed 5
Customer Service 5
Value For Money 5
Features 5
Signup Procedure 5
Usability 5

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