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Linode is a well-established company with a good reputation. When you compare cloud servers providers, one of the first things you look for is user feedback. Linode has a community of users sharing experience. This is a good sign. It means that the company's statement about being the leading and experienced provider with a high level of customer loyalty is true. Linode offers a great variety of community resources - Wiki, IRC chat, forums, blog aggregator (planet) and “pastbin”.

A buzzing online community is an indicator that the cloud servers' provider is doing great. It establishes two way communications between the company and the users. Besides, it also demonstrates that the provider has enough fans that care to participate and help each other out.

Help & support at Linode is available 24/7. They offer IRC, ticket system and a direct phone line. Technicians are prompt and normally fix issues within a few minutes you contact them. They are polite and helpful and make you feel like you're in good hands. Linode Library offers a solid knowledge base for newcomers on all VPS related topics.

Having established the solid high levels of credibility for the company, let us take a look at the services. Linode is an unmanaged VPS hosting provider based in USA. It recently turned 10 years and the company has grown immensely throughout its history. Linode can rightfully be named the innovator in the hi-tech implementation. It was one of the leading providers of cloud servers technology, revolutionizing the market. Currently, Linode features 5 hosting plans with monthly payments and a 7 day money back guarantee.

Sales people at Linode are always helpful and will assist you in every aspect of pre-purchase decision making. Email, phone or chat is very quick and thorough to respond. They're doing a good job clarifying your doubts and helping determine the adequate hosting plan. Chat support is almost always available.

Setup is a quick 2 minute process after you make the payment. You receive a Linode welcome letter with a link to FAQs, knowledge base of tutorials and forums. That was easy.
Billing at Linode is convenient with one little exception. The provider does not accept PayPal. However, they accept major credit cards. The bills are always accurate, the cancellation of an account is easy and you can do it at any time. The billing department support is also always available for assistance.

Prices at Linode are as follows. They offer five cloud server hosting plans to choose from:
Linode 1GB for $20 / month; offers 1 GB RAM; 8 CPU (1x priority); 24-48 GB storage; 2 TB transfer.

Linode 2GB for $40 / month; offers 2 GB RAM; 8 CPU (2x priority); 48-96 GB storage; 4 TB transfer.

Linode 4GB for $80 / month; offers 4 GB RAM; 8 CPU (4x priority); 96-192 GB storage; 8 TB transfer.

Linode 8GB for $160 / month; offers 8 GB RAM; 8 CPU (8x priority); 192-384 GB storage; 16 TB transfer.

Linode 16GB for $320 / month; offers 16 GB RAM; 8 CPU (16x priority); 384-768 GB storage; 20 TB transfer.

Obviously, Linode's prices beat the competition in value-price ratio.

Reliability is outmost. Cloud server hardware ensures 99.9% reliability and uptime. In fact, this is what they guarantee - the 7 day money back and 99.9% uptime. The cloud server infrastructure is totally redundant, which guarantees you won't have any data loss. And should a hardware crash happen, your cloud server migrates to a different location, keeping you online constantly.

At Linode, they have a zero tolerance policy for spam. Should you wish to terminate an account, you must do it manually in Linode Account Manager. IRC hosting is allowed. Additional bandwidth is $0.10 per gigabyte.

In overall, Linode offers unprecedented correlation of affordability and quality. Their cloud servers are inexpensive and instantly scalable. They also have an iPhone application available to reboot the server and manage your account. They offer excellent support, resolve issues quickly and effectively, which makes them problem-free provider.

Linode offers freedom. You get the kernel and root access from the moment you subscribe. You manage it all through an user-friendly intuitive control panel. Unlike dedicated hosting, with cloud server, there is no hardware to rent or maintain. And unlike shared hosting, you are guaranteed the available resources for your needs. You can scale up and out easily.
You can choose where to locate your data: US, Europe, Asia Pacific. Geographically diverse data centers ensure you stay up and running at all times.

Technically savvy users will know what to do on the command line. Whereas, newbies will enjoy the Linode's comprehensive library, where they can learn how to set up and manage cloud servers and node balancers. You are provided with a number of accurate and professional tools to help you perform better and more efficiently: a powerful API, deployment StackScripts, backups and node balancers.
Uptime Reliability 4
Server Speed 4
Customer Service 4
Value For Money 5
Features 5
Signup Procedure 5
Usability 4

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