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VPS, or cloud hosting has become very popular within the past couple of years. No wonder, the quality and value-price correlation offered by this technology is superior to that of traditional web hosting. The increasing popularity of cloud servers forced web hosting companies reconsider their strategies and add to the number of services clustered hosting. These servers are likely to be located in different parts of the world, scattered data centers. This simple, but efficient technology offers minimum downtime and maximum performance.

Regardless of servers' location, which can literally be anywhere in the world and in more than one location, cloud technology offers you pooled computer resources, increased flexibility and availability of resources, if compared to traditional web hosting. This is a perfect solution for business-based websites, because cloud servers offer optimized performance and an enhanced overall agility. When choosing a VPS provider, make sure you choose a fully-redundant network with global connectivity. One such company is KNet and we will review the plans and features offered by this provider.

KNet Hosting is a leading British hosting provider, specializing in VPS, or cloud servers. KNet is an established company with excellent customer feedback, high reputation and rates that beat the competitors. KNet was one of the first British companies to offer cloud servers to its customers. With 10 years of experience in the industry, you have to be aware of the ultimate trends in the niche. This helps the company increase customer loyalty and attracts ever more loyal customers from all over the world. Among the company's clients are well-established businesses, as well as individual webmasters and beginning entrepreneurs.

When it comes to buying a product, or service, customer feedback/user reviews are the best testimony to the quality. KNet features a high level of customer satisfaction with quality of service and customer support. Reliability and performance score the highest ratings in user reviews. A client receives a root access, i.e. full control of your dedicated resources, perfect for unlimited amount of websites, or several busy websites. Should you require upgrading or downgrading your plans, you are your own boss. Besides, the risk of going offline is next to zero.

KNet offers 8 or 16 Core Intel Xeon servers, with 32-64GB of memory power. The cloud system is fully redundant, and features high performance rates. Another very convenient feature with KNet is a possibility to choose between the monthly or yearly billing. If you don't wish to have any commitments, you can buy a monthly plan, and whenever you decide to cancel it, you're free to do so. Should you choose a yearly plan, you have a lucrative offer of buying 12 months at the cost of 10. Moreover, you are free to switch between the monthly and yearly plans at any time.

KNet features a super fast SSD storage, offering you guaranteed disk space on their cloud. Provided the combination of fast performance disks and SSD speed, you get the highest reliability and top speed.
Besides, you can adjust and customize your cloud servers at any given time: CPU, disk space, memory, etc. You are given total control of your user account and can create multiple accounts within it, or use one platform to control and customize multiple accounts. KNet engineers and customer support are available 24/7. It is a must and a standard in the company to constantly monitor VPS and attend to them if they trigger an alert. No more sleepless nights, sms or email notifications that your server is down. You can trust your website's productivity on KNet.

Here is a quick overview of KNet Hosting's VPS cloud servers plans. Among additional features you get cPanel control panel; 27/7 support, prompt and efficient; backup facility; 99.9% uptime guarantee. The plans they offer are as follows:

Standard plan costs £29.99 per month, offers 1 CPU; 1GB memory; 50 GB disk limit; unlimited bandwidth and 50GB FTP.

Advanced plan charges £39.99 monthly and offers 1 CPU; 3GB memory; 50 GB disk limit; unlimited bandwidth and 50GB FTP.
Premium costs £69.99 monthly, offering 2 CPUs; 5GB memory; 100 GB disk limit; unlimited bandwidth and continuous data protection.

The ultimate and top-notch hi-tech engineering ensures maximum uptime of cloud servers. Full redundancy offers the perfect self-healing system in all aspects. If you choose a yearly plan, you get the 30 days for a money-back procedure to be initiated. However, the funds for the first month will be deducted. When you pay a yearly fee, you receive 12 months services for the price of 10.

You can do with a cloud server almost everything, because it is your private space and it is legal to use it at your own discretion. You can install or host anything. You have dedicated resources and a full control of your servers, root access, which means you are independent from other users. The setup process is simple and normally takes about 2 hours. The overall infrastructure is reliable and deserves a solid 5 on a 5-point scale.
Uptime Reliability 5
Server Speed 5
Customer Service 5
Value For Money 5
Features 5
Signup Procedure 5
Usability 5

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