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EuroVPS is an EU based hosting provider launched in 2004. Since then, the company has deserved a high reputation of a well-established, solid and reliable provider of cloud server, VPS hosting and Solid State Drives. Judging by numerous user reviews immediately found on reputable web hosting forums, EuroVPS does put customer satisfaction as its top priority. Secure, reliable, fast and top-notch servers blended with immaculate customer support system provide exceptionally pleasant cloud hosting experience. EuroVPS owns the equipment and claims to guarantee the quality of services. This is a great advantage you get when you opt for a trusted and reputable company. They don't need to rely on third party resellers.

Beware of choosing a cloud server hosting provider based on their cheap prices only. EuroVPS assures your websites will be hosted on superior servers one can find on a professional hardware market. They use IBM and Dell enterprise class servers with fully redundant systems. Hardware failure under these circumstances is highly improbable. Spend some time researching how expensive these servers are, and you will understand the real value-price correlation. They also have identical spare servers for standby purposes. Now, that is what I call quality.

In terms of engineering, technical and customer support, most of EuroVPS staff are in the industry since 1995. They're highly experienced folks, boasting a large overall number of certifications and licenses, in Microsoft, Novell and other network engineering. You can tell, they've accumulated unprecedented knowledge and experience in hosting and all its aspects, wide and local area networking.

EuroVPS offers cloud server hosting plans, shared and dedicated servers, reseller plans and VPS servers with secure, reliable, fastest and lowest ping servers in the European Union. Let us take a look at the prices and plans offered:

Plan VM1 offers 512MB RAM, 1 Core CPU, 10GB EMC storage, 1TB bandwidth, 1 IP address, and costs 20/month.
Plan VM2 offers 1GB RAM, 2 Core CPU, 20GB EMC storage, 2TB bandwidth, 2 IP addresses, and costs 40/month.
Plan VM3 offers 2GB RAM, 3 Core CPU, 40GB EMC storage, 4TB bandwidth, 2 IP addresses, and costs 80/month.
Plan VM4 offers 4GB RAM, 4 Core CPU, 80GB EMC storage, 6TB bandwidth, 3 IP addresses, and costs 125/month.
Plan VM5 offers 8GB RAM, 6Core CPU, 160GB EMC storage, 8TB bandwidth, 4 IP addresses, and costs 250/month.
Plan VM6 offers 16GB RAM, 8 Core CPU, 250GB EMC storage, 10TB bandwidth, 6 IP addresses, and costs 400/month.

All of their servers are located in data center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Primary peering is from AMS-IX, the world's second largest internet exchange after New York.

At EuroVPS, you are free to scale your VPS plans up or down whenever the need arises. You can either upgrade your hosting plan completely, or contact their support and scale your RAM or CPU individually. This one feature proves just how high your individual needs are valued by the company.

When subscribing, you can choose from over 20 distributions and OS templates. CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, and a very popular pre-optimized NGiNX/Varnish/PHP-FPM WordPress stack are available.

At EuroVPS, they believe you can't have reliable and fast hosting for a cheap price. They have a two-tier storage that offers such luxury. You get high performance SAS-15k RPM storage, plus high volume secondary disk.

EuroVPS has partnered with New Relic to offer its VPS clients a free Standard subscription ($49.95/month). This will give you an opportunity to analyze your web applications and track down the ones that are taking the longest time to finalize. This is unprecedented efficiency tool when it comes to spot drawbacks in performance.

In terms of support and help, you need to know that EuroVPS delivers its VPS and cloud server hosting as unmanaged service, or rather self-managed by the client. There are then three different support plans to choose from. Many users choose to start fully managed, have all their setup and activation assisted by support, and then when they're happy with the results, they downgrade to self-managed plans.

EuroVPS offers VPS and cloud server hosting based on top-notch servers and nonstop operation in mind. These servers are the most expensive ones and are designed to withstand a failure with no need to reboot. These servers include such features as hot-swap cooling units, hot-swap disk drives, hot-swap power supplies, hot-swap memory boards.

EuroVPS has a philosophy of focusing on reliability and hardware stability. They're not using misleading benchmarks. They use the servers that were built for busy business-allied websites and applications. They're not manipulating testing tools. By far, EuroVPS beats the competition in price value correlation.

With two-tiered backups they use, you always have your back covered, with two backups in two different locations. Besides, cloud server hosting offers the luxury of a fully redundant system, which ensures you never go offline when the hardware crash happens. The system simply transfers your data to another server within the cloud, and your uptime is constant and regular. You don't miss your clients, your sales, your leads.
Uptime Reliability 3.5
Server Speed 3.5
Customer Service 3
Value For Money 3
Features 4
Signup Procedure 4.5
Usability 4

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