Drawbacks to Shared Web Hosting

Even though shared web hosting is among the most popular choices among many webmasters, there are a lot of drawbacks to using this sort of hosting. Of these drawbacks one of the most talked about is slow running pages as a result of poor or inadequate server resources. The next complaint seems to be the security, or lack thereof which is associated with shared hosting. It is very easy for malicious script or other such issues to effect your site adversely through no fault of your won when you are sharing resources with other users. Just these two things alone should be enough to give pause to web masters. This is not to say that shared web hosting is a bad choice. On the contrary, if you have just one or two sites that are not super important, such as online stores that must remain open for business at all times, you can easily get away with lower cost shared hosting.

However, if you have businesses that are mission critical it may be time to look into a more stable form of hosting such as dedicated, collocation or VPS hosting. Any of thee choice will no doubt offer you more peace of mind.